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For nearly 40 years, New Life Home for Women and Children have believed in and served as champions for transformation! Learn more about Our Mission at the link below, or scroll down to read a few firsthand stories from New Life graduates.

I started to rebel and began using drugs and alcohol when I was 12. By the time I was a Senior in High School, I was using Crystal Meth daily. At age 21 I got married and had my daughter hoping that this would be the answer to my problems. It only created a new element of violence in my already domestic violent living arrangements. Another year passed and I had my son. My children witnessed terror as they heard words of anger and witnessed insane acts of hatred. Sadly, I was raising them in the middle of this lifestyle. Since entering New Life Home for Women and Children, I have been given a second chance. I have become free from addiction and for the first time in my life, I am a mom and a woman of integrity. The program hasn’t just changed me but has transformed my kid’s lives as well. My son, who was taught to beat women and follow steps into prison, now has a hope and a future. My daughter no longer lives in fear and anxiety. I may not know exactly what my children will become, but I know they will change the world.


At the age of four I was found by the police behind a dumpster. My eyes bloody and full of tears from neglect and a abusive life. My brothers and I were separated from each other and living in numerous homes. Those are my childhood memories. Unfortunately, it didn’t get better for a long time and my heart grew cold and I began to rebel and act out, continually searching for what every normal child craves – love. Then one day I gave up and wanted out of this horrible thing called life. When I woke, after taking as many pills as I could, I felt as though someone was there. Today I know it was Jesus telling me that I shall not die but declare the words of the Lord. I walked through the doors of The New Life Home for Women and Children on December 3, 2009. I knew this was going to be a New Beginning for me and my boys. I gave my life to the Lord on January 1, 2010 and since then I am excited to live. I am excited to see what God has for me, as The New Life Home has opened up a New Life and New Hope for me and my children! My prayer is that others will come to know Jesus’ love and saving grace.


Six weeks before I graduated from high school, my sister, Jill, passed away suddenly in her sleep. She was 14, I was 17. She was born severely handicapped. She and I shared a bedroom and all of my families attentions’ revolved around her and our desire to make her well. When Jill passed away, my heart closed. I became numb. Unable to feel love, depression and anxiety settled over my sense of peace and joy. To cope with my sadness, I became a workaholic. When I wasn’t working, I dove into sports, dance, and school. I even used relationships to distract me from connecting to my heart. When that wasn’t enough, I began to use alcohol to numb me and to help me sleep. Many times I tried to stop the self-destruction and found myself helpless. Nothing would reach me, yet, I hid my pain behind a smile. Then, I heard about New Life Home for Women and Children – a place where I could go and get the help I needed without having to leave my son behind. New Life gave me a place to rest and restore my heart from the inside out. I had to learn to persevere when things were going well and also in the difficult times. My faith, family, and friends kept me looking ahead. With fresh courage, new tools, and an inner strength, I have enrolled in college and I am studying to be a nurse. My hope is to be able to help others work through illness, fears, and life’s “battles” so they could experience what I now have – a renewed peace and joy in God.

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