Rescue Me Now



Saving Lives. Empowering Women.

This fundraising initiative will reach out to donors, community leaders and church leaders throughout our community as we work to build our endowment and to save the lives of more women in New Hampshire. Our goal is $500,000, which will be used to shorten our waiting list, provide housing and faith-based recovery programing for more young women in crisis, as well as housing and support for their young children. Gifts will fund our meal plan, utilities and wages for our hardworking staff, and, ultimately provide funding for a third home in our region with room for more women in crisis, saving more lives through the power of the gospel. The campaign runs through May 2018.




$25 pays for a week of meals for a full-time volunteer



$50 covers the fire monitoring service to keep our women and children safe for a month



$75 pays for a week of food, diapers and other essentials for a young child



$100 covers the cost of a child’s recreation for the year including summer camps, field trips, and other outings



$150 funds a week of housing for one woman



$250 covers a week of housing, food and meets other practical needs for a mother and one child)



$7,500 covers utilities for one of New Life Home’s residential facilities for a full year

To support the “Rescue Me Now” initiative, visit the link below.