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For four decades, New Life Home has been changing the lives of women facing addiction and other life challenges. Many were about to lose custody of their young children. Through our faith-based recovery program, we’ve helped women find a better path. Below, a few of our many successes share their stories of physical recovery and spiritual resurrection.

    “Before coming to New Life Home, I was lost, broken, and lifeless. In 2009, I lost my fiancee in a fatal car accident. Not knowing how to deal with that kind of pain, I turned to drugs, alcohol, money, relationships, whatever I could get my hands on, but nothing ever satisfied me. Nothing could fill that hole I had in my heart.”

    “Over the next several years my drug addiction got so bad that I ended up with criminal drug charges facing six years in federal prison. I came across a website for New Life Home and as soon as I walked through the doors I knew that this is where I belonged, t hat I was home. Since being at New Life, God has restored the relationship with my daughter and my family to me. I have been healed from the inside out and no longer walk in shame, guilt, or hopelessness over my past. Today I am going to school to be an EMT with the desire to become a nurse practitioner in the future.”


    “I struggled fiercely with depression and insecurity. I wore so many masks trying to fit in that my life and identity had become an illusion Never knowing who I really was, I was lacking direction and confidence. This led to a vicious cycle of substance abuse, domestic violence, and jail sentences.”

    “Coming to New Life, the love of Jesus transformed me and made me new and an overcomer filled with hope and vision! I was recently accepted to Liberty University to pursue a career in Business Administration. My identity is no longer rooted in my appearance or what other people think of me. My identity is firmly rooted in the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ!”


    Melanie came from an emotionally abusive relationship that led her on a downward spiral of depression.

    After losing everything, Melanie found New Life and has successfully graduated this November. She has since begun working as a Medical Assistant at a local hospital here in New Hampshire and, in the next few months, looks forward to moving forward with her two children.


    “I grew up in a loving home. Although I was surrounded by constant support from family and friends, I felt an emptiness inside. After being prescribed pain medication for an injury and abusing my prescription for many years, I feel into a deep addiction to intravenous heroin use. In 2012 I became septic from a drug-related incident. The septic infection traveled to my heart and brain placing me into a comatose state.”

    “While in the coma I suffered multiple strokes, which paralyzed me on my left side and left me peripherally blind. The doctors gave my family a devastating prognosis but they wouldn’t give up hope. After months of inpatient hospital therapies and open-heart surgery, I was released to go home. Neglecting my spiritual health left me recovering from addiction and a severe debilitating illness.”

    “Eventually, I relapsed and after losing my brother in 2015 from a heroin overdose, I lost all hope. After a string of drug related arrests, I found myself alone in a jail cell assessing the choices I had made. With a beautiful daughter at home and a family broken from loss I made a decision that would alter the paths of all our lives. I came to NLH in shackles escorted by a sheriff. When the shackles were removed, God began removing the chains in my mind that had held me captive for so many years.”

    “Today, I have found freedom from the bondage of my past. My daughter and family have been completely restored and we live today happy, healthy and whole. I have been accepted to SNHU to obtain my bachelor’s degree in psychology. My goal is to bring communities together for the betterment of the world as a whole. I want to offer the help needed in many different aspects of debilitating conditions and give hope to a world that is lost.”

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