How do you accept applicants?

All women go through a phone screening and an initial interview process with our intake coordinator or our program director. This takes place initially by telephone, and is then followed by an in-person meeting with our intake coordinator and Program Director. After the interview, the applicant will be notified of our admission decision.

How long is the program? What happens when a resident graduates?

The Program is a long-term residential program. No one becomes addicted overnight and there are many variables to consider. The duration of most day rehabilitation programs is 60 and 120 days. However, research has shown that long-term programs are much more effective.

The duration of our program is between 18 to 24 months. During this time, we help each of the women deal with the root cause of their addictions. Some of the development areas we address include: self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, parenting skills, vocational skills and educational opportunities. When the women graduate from the program, we are intentional in placing them in positions where they can succeed.

After graduation, many New Life women have pursued college degrees, challenging new careers and even returned to serve as members of our staff.

How much does it cost?

Great question! There is a holding fee to help with orientation that is returned to the program participant after graduation. This fee is an investment in the participant’s future. The fee might be applied to tuition, practical needs for an apartment, or applied in another personal way to assist the graduate. Since there are significant costs in housing and providing practical needs for the women and their children, our expectation is that family members and churches financially support the home while New Life tends to the needs of the woman and children as they are able. Your support is what carries the women and their children through their entire stay with us. We believe that the residents’ healing is so important that we do not want a lack of finances to sabotage their future goals.

Does New Life accept state aid?

No. We do not take any form of state or federal aid. The women do not take food stamps, or SNAP benefits, welfare or any other government funding.

What if I don’t have any children?

You do not need children to enter the home.  

What if a woman doesn't have custody of her children?

Depending on the circumstances, our staff members work closely with each individual on a case-by-case basis to ensure that mothers are reunited with their children.

How can one contact the New Life Home?

You can call us at 603.624.8444 or send an email to us through our contact page

Mailing Addres: P.O. Box 148 Manchester NH 03105

Fax Number: 603.641.6205

Contact us with any additional questions you may have.