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You may ask, what makes the New Life Home different…

Approximately 80% of New Life Home residents have children. Numerous organizations offer rehabilitation programs for women, but many women will forego much needed treatment at the expense of leaving their children behind.

New Life’s residential program not only helps women reclaim their lives, but, in many cases, provides a lifeline to their children as well. Our staff, volunteers and graduates pour out love and support to each woman and each child spending time with us.



Volunteers provide the backbone of our organization and New Life Home functions thanks to the amazing resources that our volunteers provide. Our needs are often changing, but please consider serving with us and lending your skills to help us. We always welcome the opportunity to speak with aspiring volunteers.



Since its inception, New Life Home has never asked mothers participating in the program or their families for any financial support. Also, to maintain the Christian component of our programming and remain true to God’s mission, we never accept state or federal funding, which means all expenses are paid through our partners and generous donors like yourself. If you’d like to send an online donation, please use the Donate Now button below.



New Life Home is proud to have long-standing relationships with a growing, committed group of corporate partners, including Dell, UPS, Xfinity, and many more. Without these partnerships we would not be able to provide the services we offer. If you’d like to see a full list of all New Life corporate partnerships, click on the Partnerships button below. Contact us today for more information.

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