Dear Friends,

Thirty-seven years ago, my husband, Pastor George Rosado and I accepted the challenge to reach out to women with substance abuse issues by opening a long-term, residential program, called New Life Home for Women and Children in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Early on we realized one of the largest barriers in women entering a program was what would happen to their children while they were receiving help. Thus, we developed a comprehensive program that would allow children to enter the program along with their moms.

Since its inception thousands of women and their children have come through the doors of New Life Home and have received help and hope. The need continues to grow. Due to the shortage of programs for families, our waiting list is ever increasing.

New Life is unique in that we do not accept Federal or State funding, nor do we charge the women for their stay. All of our support comes through foundations, corporations, organizations and individuals.

Please consider partnering with us in our mission to restore broken lives.

George & Grace Rosado
Co-Founders & Executive Directors

George Rosado

Co-Founder & President

George is co-founder and President of the corporation, New Life Home of NE INC. George pastored a church in Manchester, NH for 16 years as well as assisting with the day to day management of New Life Home for over 30 years. With his wife Grace Rosado, developed the highly successful program that is still used today.

Grace Rosado

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Grace is co-founder and Executive Director of New Life Home and has been successfully managing the day to day operations of the home for 35 years. Grace was instrumental in implementing the program that has helped restore families over the 37 years of operation.

Steve Dimond

Board Chair

A long time supporter of the home, Steve has worked for MIT for 45 years and manages the copy and print operations on the busy Cambridge MA campus. He oversees a staff of 21 employees.

Jessica Aquino

Organizational Development

Jessica graduated from New Life Home in 1998. She is currently the Virtual Chief Operating Officer of Christ Tabernacle Church in New York and is assisting the home with organizational development.

Our staff members have dedicated their lives to supporting the women at New Life on a day-to-day basis.

Their support is pivotal in the women moving from one phase to another. The staff’s experiences, compassion for each circumstance and commitment to walk the journey with each individual woman is what keeps the women looking forward to their “New Life”.

Susan Martore Baker

Board Advisor

Susan is the president of Cambridge Trust Bank. She has agreed to step into an advisory role for the board. Susan will bring her banking experience and financial advice to the board.

Harold Jacobi

Board Advisor

Harold is Senior Partner of Jacobi & Chamberlain LLP in Lexington MA. A long time supporter of New Life, Harold serves in an advisory role to legal matters affecting the home.

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